Monday, August 24, 2009

We are here and doing well

It's taking 3 mins to load one photo on the Internet here. Sorry but I'm only going to post a few until I can make it to an Internet cafe. We got to Hua Hin in good time. The weather is great. The apartment is less then great. We are ironing out the problems with the manager. We would move to another location, but that's not too easy. The good side is we have the place to ourselves. Our favorite pool is closed (the apartment has 3 other pools). The ocean is full of red jelly fish, so we have to stay out of the water. Still the beach is beautiful. We will build sand castles and ride horses. Thomas is learning to play chess, Jessica is in a great mood. We have eaten great food. The sunshine is wonderful! Many greetings.

PS: I will not SKYP from here because it's way too slow.

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