Saturday, August 22, 2009

Off to Hua Hin

We are packing up and leaving for Hua Hin today. After breakfast I wanted to talk with the boys. We have driven all over Bangkok in the past few days. We have been to rich places, and poor places. I wondered if they had thought much about their birth families. Thomas was born in Bangkok. Maybe one of these people are from his birth family. But they both said they didn't think about the birth family. We wanted them to know first that they would always be a part of our family. We are not going away. But we would not feel bad if they ever wanted to look for their birth family. There is very little information, and it maybe impossible to find the families, but we would support them if they just wanted to find them. We then prayed with the boys, and also prayed for the birth families. It didn't seem to be something that they were thinking about, but we wanted to give them a chance to express it...just in case. I guess it was a clear signal that they can talk about this kind of stuff. We wouldn't feel badly and they shouldn't either. Does that make any since?

OK, I've got to pack. Juergen wants to get going.

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