Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The time is speeding by too fast

Ah! Life is good!!!I listened to monkeys in the trees as I fell asleep last night. After breakfast I watched Sarah and Philip swim. The whole family walked towards our favorite Thai hole in the wall place for lunch. Unfortunately it isn’t there. They build a new hotel there instead. Hua Hin is growing! So we caught a ride on a truck taxi. Jess loved that! She is in an amazing mood. If we are going out, she is up for it. I don’t think she has ever been so good! We drove to the fish market. They have a out door restaurant. The food was great. Philip got his shrimp. My dad would have loved this place. Nicole and I even eat the eyes of the fish. Fish eyes are much harder then I though. It taste like bone. We walked around the Hua Hin old town. It was super hot so we took tuk tuks home. My camera ran out of power. Too bad, because Sarah was so cute on her first tuk tuk ride. Sarah has been super good on this trip. She loves Thailand! Thomas is the only one that just seems out of sink. Maybe you can pray for him. He needs to be more flexible and adventures. He wants to eat only at Mc Donald’s, and he would be happy if he could build Lego all day. He seems genuinely culture shocked. Just pray for him. So everyone is going swimming. As you can probably tell, we are having a good time. Love from Hua Hin.

It's taking too long to load photos. I'll add more when I can.

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  1. It looks so amazing there. It sounds like you are having a great vacation.