Saturday, August 8, 2009

Super parent

I'm reading a book called Super parenting for ADD. Both my boys have ADHD. One of the best things you can do for an ADHD child is to help them feel connected. Family, and family traditions help a child feel connected. I think this is especially important for a child that has been adopted internationally. When I think of this up coming trip to Thailand I get a picture of a bridge. I feel like taking the boys back, taking them to the orphanage, and then to our favorite family spot Hua Hin, helps them have a strong memory of their past. This clear bridge is there. I don't want them to live in the past, but I don't want them to be uncomfortable with it either. Next year they may travel to the USA (a bridge to their future...maybe). They are complex people. These connections need to be there. It is the "roots" needed before the wings. What is so special is our entire families connection with Thailand. This will be the 4th trip for all of us (except Sarah). We jointly love this country. Our families best times are spent here. I think this is good for the boys.

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