Saturday, August 8, 2009


We travel to Thailand in 11 days (God willing). Today I made a long list of what we "must take". We do not travel light. I've got two big bags of stuff for the orphanage, and a big bag of diapers for Jessica. We are always heavy on technology. I will bring my laptop, and so will Juergen, and we will also bring Jessica’s new computer. OK we are crazy! Why do we need 3 computers? Well, I've got my notes, books and stuff on my laptop, Juergen has his own stuff, and Jess has totally other stuff. We also tend to use the computers at the same time (say a slow time after lunch). This is what works for us. We have cameras, and Mp3 players, and one I-pod. It's ridiculous! And then we have a few special things like lactose free milk for Thomas, and a coffee filter and German coffee for me. The cookies in Thailand are not very good, and we love cookies and tea in the afternoon (it is vacation). So I have to bring some special snacks I know we can not get there. Do I spoil my family? You bet I do! We don't need any of this stuff, but it makes it nice. This is our vacation. There are many things in Thailand we love...and the few things we love from home will also be there just to make things wonderful!!! Today I bought the shampoo, sun screen, and some new tooth brushes. Monday I’m going to start to pack. After everything is packed I’m going to clean my house. I need to clean out the refrigerator, and empty out the cupboards . We have a problem with moths in the flour and cereal. All that sort of stuff has to go! I am also thinking of going to toys r us for some surprise Lego for the boys. I thought they would enjoy building something new when we get to Bangkok. When the kids are happy, and busy it gives Juergen and I the break we want. I think new Lego will buy us hours of amazing peace…it’s better then paying for a babysitter!

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