Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thai food

The boys left for summer camp. It sure is quite around here. Juergen took us girls out to dinner. We had Thai food. It was wonderful but pretty expensive! The Euro is pretty high against the baht. I think it's 1 to 50. We can feed our family of 7 very well for so much less in Thailand. In Germany a coke cost 2-5 Euros with no free refills. Imagine what that's like with 5 kids. They all get their drinks, and you have to say...slow down. Don't drink too are not getting another drink!!! But in Thailand they can have almost anything they want, and as much as they want. Silly what makes a mom happy!!!

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  1. Hi, Amy! Great site! I love how you laid it out and all the wonderful pics of your family! Looks like your kids (and you) will have a lifetime of wonderful Thailand memories. That is so great! We hope to do the same! Got our referral in May and waiting to travel and pick up our little girl, 2, in southern Thailand. Been to Thailand several times and my husband and I just LOVE it. I wanted to say also that the flower pics from Hua Hin are lovely. I love flowers too and I have been to Hua Hin 3 times. Such a nice friendly beach town. I'd love to be invited to your regular blog if you have one and can send you an invite to mine. email me at
    All the best,
    Jen (aka Maci)