Thursday, August 20, 2009

We are here

I'm sure people were praying for us. The flight went really well. I have to find the photo of Jessica on the plane. She spent the first 3 hours watching videos on her new mini lap top. She had noise blocking earphones. She was just fine. Then when the battery on the computer went dead, she wanted to leave! Juergen took her for a walk around the cabin (a short walk). She ended up falling asleep on the floor near the bathrooms at the back of the plane. The airline staff all agreed to let her sleep. She stretched out on the floor with 4 pillows, and a business class blanket. Very nice!
When we arrived in Bangkok, we got our van. It has GPS, but the GPS didn't work. Juergen got as close to the hotel as he could, then flagged down a taxi. We followed the cab to the hotel!

The hotel is great! I'm very tired, and we need to go to the orphanage in the morning. I'll write more details tomorrow (God willing). Bangkok is a loud and dirty city. The kids were all super on the flight but now the are so hyper. I hope they will sleep tonight, I’m wiped out!

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  1. It is great you made it safely to Bangkok. I will continue to pray for your safe travels. Best wishes