Friday, August 21, 2009


First, I can not write enough about how good our flight was. Jessica is in such a sweet mood. She is so happy to be here. Generally it takes her a week or so to get her to relax. What a big smile she had on her face this morning. She was so calm and good today. I praise God for her good behavior.
We had breakfast in our room. They deliver a good hot American breakfast for about 2 US dollars per person. What service! Then we drove across town to see the social workers at the adoption center. They wanted to see Thomas and Philip, and find out how the boys are doing. Then we drove towards the babies home. We had a 2 hour lunch at Sizzler first. The restaurant staff kept filling the glasses of coke. We aren't use to that in Germany. Philip drank so much coke he couldn't eat his shrimp when it arrived at the table.
At the babies home we had to wear masks. They didn't let us near the kids. This was a huge disappointment to Sarah. She wanted to play with the kids and give them candy. She was heart broken. Everyone remembered Thomas. A half dozen nannies hugged him and wanted a picture with him. Know one seemed to remember Philip. That hurt Philips feelings. Finally we were able to take pictures of one waiting girl...she has a family waiting to travel. The babies home is made up of a dozen buildings. It is beautiful and peaceful. This isn't the same home Philip and Thomas lived in. That home was torn down and is now being replaced with a hospital. This new babies home is peaceful and well maintained. There is even one house for HIV children. This HIV house has 50 kids. I was impressed by how well cared for and cheerful this place is. I witnessed the staff playing with the kids. It is very nice for an orphanage.
The drive was also an event. Our GPS is not working so Juergen and Nicole had to navigate Bangkok with a pretty poor map. All I can say is they did it! We got to where we wanted to go. Good job!!!

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  1. What a wounderfull text to read. Is it about Phya Thai? We adopted our girl from Phya Thai in march this year and I can't wait to travel back. //Malin from Sweden