Tuesday, August 18, 2009

last min everything

We dropped Mickey off at the dog hotel. I cleaned out the fish tank (wouldn't want our fish to die). We cleaned Jessica’s room, the bathroom, kitchen, Nicole's room, and Sarah's room. I only need to finish my room and 2 loads of laundry. Juergen is home. He is taking the kids to buy new Mp3 players. We are also burning about 10 kids audible book CD's to put on the Mp3 players. Instead of videos we want the kids listening to books (it's good for their German). I stuck a package in the mail for my dad's birthday. I must say, I am really starting to relax. We are almost ready to go and hopefully it's going to be wonderful! Not every day is special. Many days are just work and stress. But I feel like I'm stepping into another zone. The next few weeks (God willing) will be in a bubble. I will be traveling with my dearly loved family, and I'll hopefully be away from all cares. You can not leave your cares behind you forever...but for this golden time I hope I can leave it all behind me. Even Jessica is excited to go. Oh how wonderful!!!

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