Sunday, August 30, 2009

A great day

Today we took a trip down to Dolphin Bay, about one hour south of Hua Hin. We wanted to take a boat to Monkey Island, but we got started too late. We will try to do that on Tuesday. But we found a great restaurant on the beach. The food was I guess the best we have had in Thailand. Everything was 5 star. I know we want to eat at this place again on Tuesday. After our long late lunch we went to the beach. There are no jelly fish there. We didn't bring our swim suites, so we just swam in our cloths. My skin feels like a million dollars, all that good salt water and sun! I made Juergen promise we would stay in Thailand at least a month next trip. It's so sad we only have a few more days left. It has been great!

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